Tips on What Are Yoga Blocks

by DailyYogaReflections on July 8, 2013

what are yoga blocks

Tips on What Are Yoga Blocks


A common question asked by beginners is “What are yoga blocks used for?” Yoga blocks are tools or props that can help you maintain proper body alignment during yoga poses. The blocks come in different sizes and are made from a variety of materials including foam, wood and cork. You can find yoga blocks online and at sporting goods stores. Also, many yoga studios keep blocks and other props on hand for use during class. How you use the blocks depends on the type of pose and your level of flexibility.


Extending Your Reach

If you have difficulty touching your toes, the yoga block can help you enter poses such as the standing forward bend. By placing the block on the floor beneath your hand, you can bend as far as your flexibility will allow and rest your hand on the block to relax into the pose. The block also extends the reach of more flexible individuals in poses like the cobra. With the cobra, you lie face down and push your torso up and arch your back while you leave your hips and legs on the floor. By putting a block under each hand, you can deepen the arch in your back.

what are yoga blocks


Supporting Your Weight

Yoga has several poses that incorporate some variation of the split. If you are unable to do a full split, you can stack blocks under your hips, sink as low as is comfortable and let the blocks support your weight. By doing this, you can enjoy the benefits of the split without the risk of overstretching or straining the quad and hamstring muscles.


Assisting With Balance

Several yoga poses, such as Half-Moon pose, are standing poses in which you balance on one leg and bend forward to touch the floor. The closer you get to the floor, the more it challenges your balance. When you use a yoga block, you can raise the floor and practice the pose without having to bend as far forward. Once you master balance at a higher level, you can remove the block and rest your hand on the floor.


Correcting Alignment

Some people have difficulty sitting cross-legged. For some people, tight inner thigh muscles might keep them from putting their knees on the floor. For others, sitting cross-legged causes the pelvis to tip backward, which rounds the lower back and makes it difficult to sit upright. Sitting on a yoga block changes the angle of the pelvis, which helps your hold your back in proper alignment. It can also help release your inner thigh to allow your knees to fall open.

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