How To Use Yoga Blocks In 5 Steps

by DailyYogaReflections on July 8, 2013

how to use yoga blocks

How To Use Yoga Blocks In 5 Steps


Yoga blocks are props designed to support the body in poses where flexibility issues may interfere with holding proper alignment in poses. They act as arm extensions in forward bends and support the weight of the body in splits. They can also deepen a pose by raising the level of the floor. The blocks are rectangular and have three sides that allow you to place them at different heights according to your needs. The broad, flat side of the block is the lowest level, the narrow, long side is the the next highest, and the narrow short side is the highest level. Yoga blocks come in a variety of materials including foam, cork and wood. Blocks are available through specialty retailers like Hugger Mugger, Gaiam and Yoga Addict as well as general retailers like Amazon. Here are 5 steps on yoga block exercises.


Step 1

Start with a supported standing forward bend. Stand with your feet hip width apart, and place the blocks on the floor next to your feet. Reach toward the ceiling then bend forward, at the hip, and reach toward the floor as far as your flexibility will allow. Move the blocks under your hands, and adjust the height of the blocks according to your flexibility. Put the palms of your hands on the blocks and relax into the pose.

Step 2

Perform a supported triangle. Stand with your feet hip width apart and place one block on the floor next to your left foot. Step back about 3 feet with your right foot and keep both feet and the hips facing forward. Allow a slight bend in your knees and hinge forward at the hip. Put your left hand on the floor next to your left foot and move the block under your hand at the best height for your flexibility. Put the palm of your hand on the block and rotate your torso to the right, reaching your right hand toward the ceiling. Repeat on the other side.


Step 3

Attempt the extended cobra. The cobra pose is a back bend where the legs and hips remain on the floor but the upper body arches upward, like a cobra ready to strike. Lie face down with your hands at your shoulders. Place a block, broad-side down, under the palm of each hand. Engage your abs and push your upper body up into cobra pose, leaving a slight bend in your elbows. Open your chest toward the ceiling and engage your abs to avoid over-arching your back.


Step 4

Try a supported wide leg forward bend. Stand with your feet approximately one leg length apart. Place one block on the floor between your feet. Bend forward at the hip and place the palms of your hands on the floor. Rest the top of your head on the block. Adjust the height of the block to your flexibility and relax into the pose.


Step 5

Go for a supported monkey pose (split). Kneel on the floor. Step your right foot forward about a foot in front of your left knee, and rotate your right thigh outwardly. Lean your torso forward, and slowly extend your left knee back. Try to straighten your right knee, and lower your right thigh toward the floor. You should be in a split position. Place a block, broad-side-down, on the floor under your right thigh, where it joins the buttock. If needed, use two blocks to support the stretch. Bring your hands to your chest in prayer position then extend your hands toward the ceiling. Relax into the pose. You may also consider to find the right yoga teacher for your yoga journey.

how to use yoga blocks

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